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This work represents a year of "always on" campaigns for Molson Coors - Blue Moon, which ran on the Venmo platform from 2020-2021. We represented three product offerings from Blue Moon, including the classic Belgian White, Light Sky, and Moon Haze beers. Michelle Porucznik's team handled the first quarter campaign and, due to scheduling conflicts, I took over on the brand for our second quarter refresh until the end of our run. We created a unique campaign for these brands which leveraged actual product photography with illustrated and animated elements.


Creative Directors: Lauren Gramprey & Michelle Porucznik

Associate Directors: Akeem Roberts & Lillian Xie

Animation: Lauren Gramprey, Michelle Porucznik, Ale Cruz, Lillian Xie, Akeem Roberts, Amy Jeong, Sam Szura, and Zach Jones. 

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